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Children's clothing brand | Little Pegs | An illustrated image of childrens playing and having fun whilst wearing the let them play collection for Little Pegs

Hello, I’m Jenny, owner and designer of Little Pegs, an Amsterdam kids clothing brand, after almost a decade of teaching young adults the significance of why sustainability is so important in the fashion industry, which I still love doing to this day on a part time basis.

 I realised there were a lack of conscious options for children’s clothing. Even when you look at other sustainable kids clothing brands you will still see mass production, clothing; comprising of 95% cotton and 5% elastane and continually supplying new products to their consumer on a monthly basis.  This shouldn’t be the way the industry continues; I truly believe that less is more and I’m not here to make huge profit’s, Little Pegs is here because I believe that it is time to make a change in the fashion industry and what better way to do this than instill in our children how to dress clean and safe.

With this in mind I wanted to look at the concept of creating a children’s brand that didn’t believe in the traditional seasonal collections.  I wanted to offer a more affordable conscious purchasing choice for parents, through quality, durability, soft to touch, 100% organic cotton unisex garments, which were; playful, cool, wardrobe essentials that can be lived in; played in and passed on to the next generation. Also keeping it simple, with minimal waste, so essential garments and small production orders.

I also genuinely care about the health and safety of your little ones, knowing that children’s clothing is often treated with chemicals and plastics that can cause redness, irritation, and dry skin; I prides myself on being able to offer the safest and quality material; 100% organic GOTS certified cotton for all your baby and kids clothing. I’ve sourced the most ecological printing processes to ensure that your little one’s can not only be safe wearing them, but by purchasing Little Pegs clothing you are also looking after the planet too.

So, after a year of researching into ethical manufacturers, measuring very fidgety kids and testing over a year.  Little Pegs can offer you; essential kids clothing in the right sizes, that will out-last those growth spurts and give you the peace of mind that your little one’s are wearing clean, healthy clothing.

What we offer

Our designs have a timeless appeal and fun, bright colour and print palettes.  Our kids clothing is about quality, durability, breathability and absorbency, which is why Little Pegs only uses 100% organic cotton, that is gots certified, but we take it one step further with a brushed finish on the inside, making it breathable, absorbent, super-duper soft and also has insulation properties for those cooler days and this fabric finish has limited impact to the environment.

No need to order the next size up we have you covered!   Our sizing isn’t based on traditional children’s sizing charts, we have spent time to make sure that what we offer you are the right sizes, that will out-last those growth spurts.

Worried about how long the clothes might last for, because your little one runs around like a lunatic? We have that covered as well! We use natural organic cotton - the most durable type of fabric that can be manufactured.

Our Initiative

Little Pegs initiative is to support and encourage a circular fashion industry;

  1. We only use 100% organic cotton in our clothing, which has been GOTS certified
  2. We only use 100% recycled and recyclable packaging and labelling
  3. We are committed to reducing the Co2 in both our manufacturing and our home delivery services
  4. We only work with manufacturer and products with a100% ethical labour policies
  5. We are 100% committed to helping you to understand how important it is to buy sustainable products.
  6. We are 100% committed to supporting and encouraging a circular fashion industry

But it can’t just stop at the purchasing of all your clothes, you also need to invest in this way of life by recycling, donating, upcycling and handing down to the next generation.  We want to encourage you to really consider the products you are purchasing and the industries you are supporting.

Let's stop and think about what we want to instil within our children minds, let's strive for the best quality sustainable kids fashion, which is; playful, cool, wardrobe essentials that can be lived in; played in and passed on to the next generation.

Little Pegs offers your little one’s a better, cleaner, and brighter future.  You just need to believe and support in the lifestyle being offered. 

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