How we produce


All our clothing is manufactured to the highest ethical standard in full audited child labour free factories and come with two guarantee’s GOTS certification and OCC certification. 

Our manufacturing partner OCC takes ownership direct from the farmers enabling us to have 100% transparency in the manufacturing process from field through to factory.  

Growing of the cotton

All our cotton is grown in Brazil, with no artificial irrigation, no GMO seeds, machinery-free fields and insecticides.   It’s a healthier choice, no nasty chemical pesticides and fertilisers means it's kinder to wear on delicate skin.  It’s also healthier for the workers, the wildlife and eco-system. 

Fabric manufacturing

The manufacturing process of the cotton is completed in Europe under strict quality standards, producing combed yarn of high quality - it’s all just natural yarns.  Our yarns are then woven and dyed/printed with only GOTs certified inks, which means they don’t contain harmful or toxic chemicals, making them safe for your little ones and the environment. 

Garment Manufacturing

Our garments are manufactured in Portugal under strict quality standards; based on sustainable and environmentally friendly materials, ensuring an ethical production process that respect human rights and the working conditions of the people involved.

Packaging & shipping

When they get to our headquarters you can be assured that the same standards are carried out.  All clothing labelling, clothing tags and packaging are either GOTS certified, recyclable or biodegradable – so please think before you dispose of the packaging.  I personally pack every item with the upmost care and responsibility, so you can be safe in the knowledge that we care about your little ones. 


To reduce our Co2 footprint we also only work with couriers that offer low/no emission services.  All our local delivery is by electric vans or e-cargo bikes, our EU delivery is by the carbon neutral shipping option and our worldwide is delivered by GoGreen climate neutral services.

So our clothes are manufactured and delivered to you with the highest levels of social and environmental compliances.  

You might be thinking I know what GOTS certification is but what is OCC Guarantee?

About our manufacturing partner

Organic Cotton Colours

The OCC stamp is Organic Cotton Colours guarantee, on ultimate quality standard. When you see this stamp, you know you are getting a product that complies with the very highest quality requirements in the textile industry at every phase of the production process, starting with the seeds and they use non-toxic chemicals during the dying and printing processes of manufacturing.

This is the embodiment of their philosophy and the way we believe things should be done. It represents our firm commitment to caring as much as possible for people, the environment and all the farmers involved in growing and producing the organic cotton used by Organic Cotton Colours.

Organic Cotton Colours manufacturer also has the GOTS certification (Global Organic Textile Standard) for every phase of the process: spinning, weaving, manufacture and distribution.

About our products:

  • Soft and comfortable, extremely pleasant to the touch.
  • Highly breathable; prevents unpleasant odours.
  • Exceptional moisture absorption.
  • OCC certification guarantees the health of the workers involved in growing the cotton.
  • It is healthy for you and for the Earth. The cultivation process does not use the toxins used in growing conventional cotton.
  • No chemicals or synthetic products are used in the growing and manufacturing processes of OCC products.
  • Our seeds and plants are free from genetic engineering and pests are controlled by other insects.
  • We only use top quality certified organic cotton, obtaining a fine, strong and regular thread in the exact same colour in which it grew on the plant.
  • Endorsed by more than 25 years of experience of Organic Cotton Colours.
  • ‘Organic’ certified by (CU832882)


Thanks for being responsible in the way you dress your children