Meet the designer - Jenny

Meet the Maker - childrenswear designer

Hello, I’m Jenny, owner and designer of Little Pegs, after almost a decade of teaching young adults the significance of why sustainability is so important in the fashion industry, which I still love doing to this day on a part time basis. It occurred to me that it wasn’t just about the products, but also about the purchasing power of the customers.

I realised there were a lack of conscious options. Even when you look at other organic children’s clothing brand you will still see mass production, continually supplying new products to their consumer on a monthly basis.  This shouldn’t be the way the industry continues; I truly believe that less is more. 

So, it was time to stop talking and make a change, work towards something that can make a small difference to our environment and our children’s lives.

With this in mind I wanted to look at the idea of creating a children’s brand that didn’t believe in the traditional seasonal collections.  I wanted to offer a more affordable conscious purchasing choice for parents, through quality, durability, soft to touch, 100% organic cotton unisex garments, which were; playful, cool, wardrobe essentials that can be lived in; played in and passed on to the next generation. Also keeping it simple, with minimal waste, so essential garments and small production orders.

So, after a year of researching into ethical manufacturers, measuring very fidgety children and testing over a year.  Little Pegs clothing enables customers to buy products for their children in their actual size, but also giving growing room well over a few months and the peace of mind that their children are wearing good quality, durable, sustainable clothing that is affordable and healthy.

Having teaching in my blood I also wanted to offer knowledge, provide parents with more information about buying organic, sustainable products, which is why I have set up this blog; it will hopefully give you insight into why you should buy organic, sustainable and environmentally friendly products.  It is so important to enable children too grow up in a safe and clean environment. This can only be achieved if people are made aware of the alternative options, so that they can make better purchasing choices for their children and themselves.

This isn’t just about building another ‘cool’ organic children’s clothing brand or just selling clothes, it’s about creating a conscious lifestyle, an awareness, trying to ensure that we are building a cleaner, safer environment for the future. 

Some people might question how a small start-up brand can achieve this, but I believe that every small thing can have an impact, if people start with baby steps, the rewards will start to show in the coming years. 

I want to strive and encourage customers to support a circular fashion business, basically offer a regenerative system, in which garments are in circulation for as long as their maximum quality is retained, which can be achieved through being worn, up-cycled, loaned out or passed on to the next generation. Once they can no longer be worn, they can then return it safely into the biosphere, through the recycling process, thanks to the use of organic cotton.

This isn’t a profit-making fashion business model, but I am so committed to not becoming a brand that bows down to the pressures of mass production and stock.  If I do then I am going against everything that the brand and I represent.

Little Pegs isn’t just about beautiful products, it’s about; recognising and embracing slow fashion, which will benefit our future, individuals and build a community.

So my question to you is… do you want to help create that community; help create a cleaner, safer world for the coming generations?  I hope so 😃

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